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  • How is your warranty? What’s your solution for failed products and broken goods on the way?

    I think it is the best concern about the international selling. For our wholesale customers, we offer replacements for all failed products. For express shipped goods, if broken on the way, we will find the shipping company for compensation. Our goods warranty is 1 year.
  • Can you accept OEM? Can I make my own logo?

    We mostly make OEM. We accept to make your logo .But we don’t make copy rights products. It is forbidden by government. We usually make inside sound hole logo, logo on case or even engraved logo on the bows. You can have your personal requests for the products.
  • How do you send the products to different countries?

    We have different shipping plans for different customers. For sample or very small order, we can send by international express like UPS, FedEx and DHL. Some middle order like a few cartons, if customers can accept, we can send by air shipping. Considering the cost, we can send by LCL too. Mostly we send by containers by sea shipping. It saves cost the most. But the basic rule is the customers should pay for the shipping charge.
  • What is your production time for a big order?

    We usually take 1 month to make a big order or even a small order without stock. Violins are handmade products. From the boards to ready products, there are more than 100 procedures. So you can not expect a very fast delivery. Only one exception, we have stock. So pls plan your orders ahead of time. The sea shipping time to different countries are different. You can check with us.
  • Does the violin came with accessories? What are them?

    We are glad to notify all the customers that our violins come with a whole set. They come with violin, case, bow and rosin. Usually student violins come with triangle foam case, student bow and student rosin. If you have special request about accessories, welcome to email us. We can change better accessories and if you want other accessories, we can arrange for you too. Like shoulder rests, mutes, tuners etc.
  • What’s your MOQ for the violins? May I have one piece?

    For student violins, our MOQ is 10pcs.Because 10 pieces can make one Carton. If you want 1 piece for sample, it is acceptable. We charge cost price for sample but the customers should pay the shipping charge. For high grade violins, we can sell one piece for retail customers. For cello and double bass, the shipping is very high because of its size, So unless you have agent in China, don’t order 1 piece.


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